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Adchuuza is a cloud-based marketplace that facilitates the selling of traditional media, the transmission of electronic artwork and the collection of revenue directly from media buyers.
We provide a secure, cost effective, direct and highly efficient open marketplace where you can sell your media to non-traditional media buyers such as SME's, non-accredited agencies and freelancers.
Trying out Adchuuza costs you nothing as listing your available advertising space is free, and we only charge a success fee if your ad space is sold - so you have nothing to lose.
You can list all broadcast, outdoor and print media.
By registering for an account you are able to completely manage your own media inventory and offerings, download and approve artwork from completed sales, and your accounts department can even download your transaction history.
We will launch as soon as we have sufficient inventory to list and offer to our media buyers. Contact us and we'll be happy to run through the on-boarding process.

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