Creating a Title

The first step to getting started as a media owner is creating a Title. Titles are created upfront and referenced by listings, so this makes frequently creating listings easier down the line. A Title is a content type that either represents a Publication (Print Title), a Radio Station (Broadcast Title) or a Site (Outdoor Title). There are subtle differences between the different media formats - the required field vary slightly when creating a Title. To see these variations, you can watch the related videos that step through each of these Formats. Frequently a media owner will have too many titles to populate directly via the Title creation form on the Adchuuza platform. In these instances we recommend that you contact us and we will provide you with an excel template and assist you in uploading all your titles directly. You can find more about this process in the Onboarding support content. (Add links to relevant content. The following steps are required to create a title directly on the Adchuuza platform: 

  1. Create New Content
  2. From you dashboard, click the "Create New Content" button and select Title from the left-hand drawer menu that slides out.

  3. Give your Title a name
  4. Choose your Title format and category from the dropdown.
  5. Describe your Title
  6. The more descriptive you can be, the more informative your listings will be.

  7. Add a logo and Images
  8. Taking note of the size requirements, add a logo and images and remember to click "Upload". Logos must be less than 512 KB and smaller than 500x500. Images must be less than 3 MB and larger than 240x240 pixels and less smaller than 51280x1280 pixels.

  9. Demographics
  10. Once upload of your images is complete, click "Next" to be taken to the demographic page. Complete the demographic profile that your Title speaks to. This information is critical to assist advertisers in finding your Listings.

  11. Location and Other info
  12. Next complete the Other info including the location of your Title. For Outdoor media this will be a physical address of geographic coordinates, and for Print distribution and Radio broadcast distributions you can select from the predefined footprints.

  13. Keywords
  14. Lastly enter any keywords that you associate with your media. This helps advertisers searching for listings of your media.

Once you're done, your title will need to be approved by Adchuuza staff. This is to ensure that you own all titles that you list, or are authorised to represent the owners on Adchuuza. We will contact you should there be any questions. You will be notified by Adchuuza as soon as your title has been approved. Please also note that should you make substantial changes to a Title, these two will need to be approved by Adchuuza before you can create listing with these Titles.