Creating Adspace

Once you've created a Title, you'll need to create Adspace for that Title. Adspace is essentially your rate card for that Title. Some Titles will only have one item, such as the monthly rate on a billboard, whereas other Titles, such as a print publication, will have numerous items, such as a half page advert, full page advert and so on. To understand more we recommend you read the following support Article: Once your title has been approved by Adchuuza, you can begin creating your related Adspace. If you have a number of media assets, it is usually easier for us to do this by providing you with the required excel templates and we can assist in batch uploading this data to the platform. You can find more about this process in the Onboarding support content. (Add links to relevant content.)

If you choose to create Adspace manually, you will need to follow the following steps: 

  1. Create new content
  2. From you dashboard, click the "Create New Content" button and select Adspace from the left-hand drawer menu that slides out.

  3. Select a format
  4. Select the format of the Adspace from the dropdown.

  5. Select your Title
  6. The Title field will then populate with your approved Titles of that format and select the Title you wish to create Adspace for.

  7. Give your Adspace a name and description
  8. Give your Adspace a name, such as "1 month on billboard", "Full page colour Advert" or "30 second radio Ad" and describe your Adspace in the description field provided.

  9. Outdoor Production costs (Outdoor only)
  10. For Outdoor Adspace only: Include a definition of what is included in Production costs, and what is explicitly excluded and will cost extra.

  11. Reference number
  12. You can optionally give your Adspace a reference number, for example the your own name or reference number that you use internal for this Adspace.

  13. Rate card price
  14. Enter the rate card price (Inclusive of VAT). This is solely used to calculate discounts, if applicable. In the case of Outdoor media you will also need to include Production Costs (Inclusive of VAT). 

  15. Add Images
  16. Optionally add any Images, taking note of the size requirements and then click "Upload". Images must be less than 3 MB and larger than 480x480 pixels and less smaller than 1280x1280 pixels. Click "Next" once the image upload is complete

  17. Specify Artwork requirements
  18. Define the artwork requirements for your Adspace. Once you click save, your Adspace will be created.

You should be all set to create you first Listing now!