Onboarding Requirements

In order to sell Ad space on the Adchuuza platform you first need to create a Listing. A Listing references a Title and Ad Space. (A package references more than one Ad Space item). A Listing also contains all the terms and condition that you set, the price, the artwork specification, and deadlines, to name a few. In order to avoid having to repeatedly capture most of this information when creating a listing, we conveniently assist you in capture most of this information upfront. This reduces the effort required to create a listing, and ultimately enable you to create listings programmatically. This concept is illustrated below.

In order to facilitate this we require certain information upfront, in the templates provided. This enables us to automatically populate your data and saves you having to capture this directly into the Adchuuza platform. Should you choose to, you can enter this information directly into the forms on the Adchuuza platform to create your media assets, although we recommend this only if you have very few Media assets.

This data remains yours, will not be shared with other 3rd parties or users on the Adchuuza platform. Some of this information is used to profile your Listings so that users can find them, as well as to save you time in creating Listings. The only information that is accessible to logged in buyers on Adchuuza.co.za is that information contained in a Listing. Other Media owner users have no access to view the details of your Listings, or any of your data.

Some fields are optional, but we encourage you to provide the best data possible as this gives your Listings the best chance of being found and bought.

As mentioned above, Listings, which are items for sale, reference Titles and related Ad Space. Before creating a Listing, you will need to create your Titles and related Ad Space. Depending on the classification of your Titles and your Ad Space, the data requirements differ. Examples of Titles and Ad Space are provided below:

Outdoor/Out of home: (e.g. a billboard site, or shopping mall)
Broadcast (e.g. a radio station)
Print(e.g. a magazine or newspaper)

Ad Space
Outdoor/Out of home: a single street pole, or washroom advertising board
Broadcast: a 30 second advert, or a sponsored show
Print: full-page inside cover advert

We have created templates which need to be populated in order to capture this information. These templates also allow us to do some validation on the format of the data to ensure that is is captured correctly.

Images are not able to be captured in the templates. We kindly request that you provide us with the appropriate images in a zipped file, with a filename that makes it clear which assets they relate to toll in the template.