Registration requirements

We require certain information upfront to activate your Media Owner account. Some of this information needs to be validated with supporting documentation, for example to ensure that we have your valid bank account details to make payments into. This can not be edited by yourself and you will need to contact our Support Team if this changes.

The following is a list of information that we request before you account can be activated. * denote required information.

Company Name* - Registered Company Name
Primary Contact Person* - Full name and Surname
Primary Contact Email* - Work email address
Primary Contact Office Number* - Office no.
Primary Contact Mobile Number* - Cell no.
Registration Number* - Company Registration or CC number
Vat number* - Register VAT number if applicable
Billing Address* - The Address we should use for invoices
Physical Address* -The Physical Address of the company
Company Logo* - 1MB maximum file size, PNG, JPEG, JPG
Bank* - Banking Institution
Account Type* - Current, Transmission, Savings, Cheque
Bank Account Number* - Your account number
Branch Name* - Which branch is your account located at
Branch Code* -Branch Code
BEE Status - If applicable, the BEE rating of the company
Store name - if applicable, when we add store fronts, what do you want your name to be?
Default Terms and Conditions - Optional, saves time when creating a listing
Default Other requirements or special features - Optional, saves time when creating a listing
Minimum Artwork Lead Time (Days) - Optional, currently defaults to 7 days.