Creating your first Listing.

In order to create a listing you will first need to create a Title and then Adspace. To review these steps take a look at the following guides:

Creating a listing involves the following simple steps:

  1. Create New Content
  2. From you dashboard, click the "Create New Content" button and select "Listing" from the left-hand drawer menu that slides out.

  3. Choose your Title
  4. Populate the Listing content by first selecting the Title for which you want to create a listing and then select the Adspace you wish to include in this listings.  

    • Depending on your media format, you can create a Package (A listing with multiple items) by adding more than 1 Adspace. 
    • You can optionally decide to "Feature your Listing" which will result in a more prominent display of your listing and higher rankings in search results*.
  5. Select the listing date
  6. Choose when you wish to run your Listing. You are able to queue future listings by scheduling dates in the future. You should ensure that the expiry date of your Listings ensures sufficient time for payment, delivery and approval of artwork because the scheduled flighting.

  7. Specify your artwork deadline
  8. This needs to be after your expiry date of your Listings and before the flighting of this this media. Once again, please ensure there is sufficient time for approval of Artwork.

  9. Select the flighting date
  10. Indicate when the contents of this listing will flight. This date needs to be after the expiry date of the Listing and the Deadline for Artwork delivery.

  11. Add your T&Cs
  12. Should you have any of your own Terms and Conditions, enter them in the space provided. These cannot contravene the existing Terms and Conditions set by Adchuuza in our T&Cs. Please note that the defaults values for this field can be updated in the "Standing data" section of your user account.

  13. Enter any other special requirements
  14. Shoud you have any other requirements, not captured elsewhere a Listing or Adspace, for example technical specification for Artwork, enter them into the field titled "Other requirements and special features". Please note that the defaults values for this field can also be updated in the "Standing data" section of your user account.

  15. Set your Price and Type of Listing
  16. Select the type of Listing you would like to create and set the price by completing the fields as appropriate. The Price of your listings must always include any production costs. This is how much you will get paid, less our Adchuuza Fee, if your Listing is sold. You can choose from 4 types of Listings: Buy-now, Auction, Auction with a Buy-now option, and Decreasing Prices listings. For a complete discussion of these for types of Listings, we suggest you read the article "Understanding the different types of Listings".

You're done! If you listing is scheduled to go live, it will queued and pushed to the Adchuuza marketplace within 15 minutes. If you have scheduled it for some time in future, you can inspect it on your Dashboard, and it will go live at the predetermined start date and time. It will not be visible in the Adchuuza marketplace until such time as it is active.