Create a Standing Offer

A Standing Offer is different to a Listing - a Listing is relevant where you have known availability and a potential advertiser can buy a Listing immediately. With a Standing Offer, a potential advertiser will first enquire about the availability for a specific period, as well as providing details of what they intend to advertise. As a Media Owner you will be notified of this enquiry and will be able to provide a quote to the potential advertiser, which they can accept or reject. Should they accept a quote, it will then follow the identical process to a Listing, first involving payment by the advertiser, then delivery of artwork, approval by the media owner, and lastly flighting. In the same way a Listing can have multiple items (a package), numerous Adspace items can be packaged into a single Standing Offer.

In order to create a Standing Offer you will first need to create a Title and then Adspace. To review these steps take a look at the following guides:

Creating a listing involves the following simple steps:

  1. Create new content
  2. From you dashboard, click the "Create New Content" button and select "Standing Offer".

  3. Choose your Title
  4. Populate the Standing Offer content by first selecting the Title for which you want to create a standing offer and then select the Adspace you wish to include in this Standing Offer. Depending on your media format, you can create a Package (A listing with multiple items) by adding more than 1 Adspace.

  5. Choose the Adspace to include
  6. You can select a of your Adspace to include in the Standing Offer. You can select multiple items if you wish to package up your Standing Offers.

  7. Set the Status to Active
  8. Set the Status of your Standing Offer to Active.

  9. Add your T&Cs
  10. Should you have any of your own Terms and Conditions, enter them in the space provided. These cannot contravene the existing Terms and Conditions set by Adchuuza in our T&Cs.

  11. Enter any other special requirements
  12. Shoud you have any other requirements, not captured elsewhere a Listing or Adspace, for example technical specification for Artwork, enter them into the field titled "Other requirements and special features".

You're done! If you Standing Offer has been create and once indexed will be live within Adchuuza marketplace.