Media Owner FAQs

What is Adchuuza?

Adchuuza is a cloud-based marketplace that facilitates the selling of traditional media, the transmission of electronic artwork and the collection of revenue directly from media buyers.

Why use Adchuuza?

We provide a secure, cost effective, direct and highly efficient open marketplace where you can sell your media to non-traditional media buyers such as SME's, non-accredited agencies and freelancers.

Will it affect my existing sales channels?

Adchuuza offers you a cheaper route to market, as well as a route to a largely ignored niche market, and as such it will no doubt complement your existing channels. You are responsible for setting your own prices, and we only encourage you to offer discounts if your media is distressed, short-dated or not in demand.

How much does it cost?

Trying out Adchuuza costs you nothing as listing your available advertising space is free, and we only charge a 10% success fee if your item is sold - so you have nothing to lose. Featured Listings (see below) however do come with a Featured Listing fee.

Why should I list with Adchuuza?

By listing your media inventory you give your media more exposure to a greater potential buyer audience at a reduced cost, thus increasing sales and improving your bottom line.

What media can I list?

You can list all broadcast, outdoor and print media.

What is a Featured Listing?

A Featured Listing is a listing that appears on key high visibility areas of the site and, if they meet a user's search or sort criteria, appear at the top of those results.

Do I need an account?

By registering for an account you are able to completely manage your own media inventory and offerings, download and approve artwork from completed sales, and your accounts department can even download your transaction history.

How do I list my media?

Media owners are able to directly import their inventory and listings using Excel templates or alternatively they can be captured directly on the Adchuuza system. All aspects of the platform (listings, artwork delivery, collections and transaction history) are managed through a customised Media Owners dashboard. Should you wish to know more feel free to contact us here:

How does payment work?

We collect payment on your behalf using enabling technology provided to us by Payfast. As soon as we receive the cleared funds we transfer them (less our success fee) via EFT into your certified bank account. All media buyers pay upfront and we settle you directly within 48 hours. So there's no collection risk and waiting to get paid. 

How do I get paid?

You will be paid via secure EFT into your pre-authorised bank account. 

Is it secure?

We use the most up-to-date 128-bit SSL encryption technology, as well as a 2-step authentication to ensure the security of transactions and data. 

When do you launch?

We will launch as soon as we have sufficient inventory to list and offer to our media buyers. Contact us and we'll be happy to run through the on-boarding process.

How do I find out more?

You can contact us on 082 852 9389 to find out more or mail us on [email protected]

So who is Adchuuza?

We are a privately held South African company, with an executive team with broad experience in finance, technology, media and advertising. We are part of IBM's global entrepreneur program.

Where can I find your T&C’s?

You can view all our terms and conditions by clicking here.