Frequently Asked Questions - General

What is Adchuuza?

Adchuuza is a cloud-based marketplace that facilitates the selling of traditional media, the transmission of electronic artwork and the collection of revenue directly from media buyers.

Why use Adchuuza?

We provide a secure, cost effective, direct and highly efficient open marketplace where you can sell your media to non-traditional media buyers such as SME's, non-accredited agencies and freelancers.

How do I find out more?

You can contact us on 082 852 9389 to find out more or mail us on [email protected]

How do i buy ad space?

Ad space can be bought online through our website when you register as a buyer. You simply click the buy now/bid button and then just follow the easy steps to check out. Payment is made through your bank via EFT using the reference number we provide. 

Why do I need to register?

You need to register in order to purchase and view Adchuuza listings. You'll also need to agree to our T&C's during sign-up in order to transact on the site. 

How does payment work?

We collect payment on your behalf using enabling technology provided to us by Payfast. As soon as we receive the cleared funds we transfer them (less our success fee) via EFT into your certified bank account. All media buyers pay upfront and we settle you directly within 48 hours. So there's no collection risk and waiting to get paid. 

Is it secure?

We use the most up-to-date 128-bit SSL encryption technology, as well as a 2-step authentication to ensure the security of transactions and data. 

What about BEE? Does my spend count towards my BEE scorecard?

We give you the ability to filter listings based on the BEE ranking of their owners. So if you would like your spend to count towards your BEE scorecard, you'll find this feature very useful.

So who is Adchuuza

We are a privately held South African company, with an executive team with broad experience in finance, technology, media and advertisingWe are part of IBM's global entrepreneur program and a registered Third Party Payment provider with the Payment Association of South Africa in terms of South African Reserve Bank Directive II of 2007.  

What are your T&Cs?

You can click here to view our terms and conditions.

I have a support issue what should I do?

You can contact our helpful team on 011 880 7325, email us at [email protected], or even log a support ticket online.

I have some feedback, what should I do?

You can send us your feedback by simply clicking here.