Adchuuza Listing Policy

In order to promote a fair, efficient and user friendly media trading experience for all Media Owners and Media Buyers alike, Adchuuza has established a set of listing policies.

This Listing Policy is mentioned in General Terms and Conditions of Use of this Site and must be adhered to by all Users.


The following policies apply to all listings and are strictly prohibited:



Misrepresentation of items including:

*  Creating titles and descriptions that do not accurately describe the item for sale.

*  Inappropriate use of language for the purpose of attracting Media Buyers.

*  Misleading or erroneous media specifications, including but not limited to circulation numbers, distribution footprints, listenership numbers, audience demographics, geographic location as applicable.


Circumvention of fee payment

Anything that attempts to circumvent paying Adchuuza fees (e.g. selling a list of prices, selling a catalogue, cross sell or up selling). This includes listing items with nominal amounts in order to circumvent paying Adchuuza fees, the exchange of contact details between Media Owners and Media Buyers, and advertising items for free or to increase positive ratings. Nominal amounts include any amount less than R100 or any value that Adchuuza deems to be nominal.


Additional payment not through Adchuuza

Listing an item that requires an additional cost, not processed through the Adchuuza site.


Listing advertising space not available for sale

Listing of advertising space that is not available for sale, or which is being offered elsewhere, the successful buying thereof, in the case of a Buy Now listing or Decreasing Price Sale, or winning of an Auction in the case of an Auction Listing, which may result in the default of a Media Owner perfecting a transaction concluded on the site.


Inappropriate Categorisation

Listing of items in inappropriate categories.


Free Advertising Space

An offer to give away any advertising space for free.


Ghost Bidding

Bidding on your own items (including having friends, family or acquaintances, employees or associates bid on your items in an attempt to artificially inflate the price).



Use of profanity or offensive language in Listings.


Illegal or inappropriate

Specifically you may not list advertising space, the sale of which is in contravention of any law or that at Adchuuza's sole discretion may be deemed to be inappropriate for sale on this site.


Keyword Spamming

Keyword spamming/inappropriate use of keywords in order to manipulate search results.


Listing abuse, manipulation and excessive listing on Adchuuza

In order to create a independent, equitable, efficient and user friendly media trading experience, Media Owners may not manipulate or abuse the listing service to get items featured more regularly, prominently or spam the Adchuuza website with listings. This is entirely at the discretion of Adchuuza and will be monitored or resolved on a case by case basis.

This also includes but is not limited to: repeated multiple relistings with short durations, keyword spamming, spamming categories with multiple items (with the same or similar items), and listing in the wrong categories.


External Links

No external links are permitted (i.e. links other than those on the domain)


Contact Details

No contact details of any sort (including telephone numbers and email addresses) are permitted in the description, in responses to questions from the Q & A facility, or during the exchange of Artwork and/or Material, this includes advertising your business or services even if no contact details are included.

Adchuuza reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any items from the site for any reason whatsoever.

Violation of this policy may result in a range of actions, including, but not limited to, listing cancellations/deletion, listing restrictions, suspension or restriction of your Adchuuza account and forfeiting of Adchuuza fees on cancelled/deleted listings.